Question about 9/11/2001

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About Exploitation

People complain that “smart phones” are being manufactured by a bunch of low-wage virtual slaves in foreign lands.  This is probably a completely valid concern, however worker exploitation has been gong on for centuries, at the dawn of the industrial revolution, coal was extracted from the earth by low-wage workers who did a very dangerous job. Worker exploitation is nothing new, and the big money interests of this world get to abuse other human beings at will.   How will humanity address the issue?
Is it possible to achieve true equality and justice?

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Daily Prompt: Cheat

This describes the actions of both the Republicans and Democrats in regards to the process that is supposed to put into office the best qualified individuals to serve WE THE PEOPLE, however its become a contest to see who can best serve BIG MONEY, without regard at all for what the voters want or need.  The system has become a matter of anybody who can CHEAT big enough wins the prize, that is the ability to sell-out the citizens of AMERICA for a few silver coins while also seriously wounding Mother Earth.

Daily Prompt: Mistake

It would be a huge MISTAKE for anyone to vote for either a Democrat or Republican, any vote at all for these known criminal organizations would only encourage the crooks and that is not a good idea.  AMERICA has been making the same mistake over and over for more than a century & a half, its time to correct this mistake, the system is so very broken! How many citizens will step up and make the changes required to correct the on-going mistake?

Daily Prompt: Jeopardize

via Daily Prompt: Jeopardize

The Citizens who refuse to accept facts about current events are Jeopardizing AMERICA!
If the Democratic or Republican candidates get any votes at all this Nov., it will be the ill-informed voter, the deluded voter, or someone who simply shouldn’t be voting at all in the first place.  The problem here is that it is totally obvious that both the Democratic and Republican  parties have presented the AMERICAN public with unacceptable choices as candidates.  Why isn’t every voter in this land MAD AS HELL, ….. yet?

Thoughts on the Universal Health Care debate

I do not believe that its getting sufficient coverage in the debate over Universal Health Care, that is the issue of basic wellness on the part of individual citizens.

The fact that by way of advertising, people are convinced that it perfectly fine to indulge in grease-burger lunches washed down by the chemical stew of commercial soft drinks and then at such time as the individual feels pain caused by their lifestyle, they go to a Doctor and get prescriptions of drugs to treat their condition.

The whole package needs to be considered, that is how one eats, sleeps, works to address the issue of personal health.  Nobody has to “take up the religion” to improve how they maintain their own health,  rather than fanatical total abstinence from meat, may I suggest that a conscious decision about what you consume and why is certainly a good start.

A bit of background ……

Everybody is unique, there are all sorts of different abilities that people have and some, like the character in the movie “Rainman” can count objects { toothpicks, cards, or… } and they really can’t explain how their abilities work, they just see these things, and to some extent, I believe that ALL people are endowed with unique gifts that enable them to perceive the world in their own unique way.

I would like to think that all (or at least most people) have a specific base line of ability to perceive the world when it comes to physical phenomenon.

When the medium that is said to be so powerful as to be able to sell ice makers to Eskimos,
sets about to sell an idea that is totally counter to all the physical laws in the known universe,  what are people to think?  Should everybody simply take the word of the talking heads on TV, or should they think about what the are seeing and draw their own conclusions?   When the TV presents images of an alleged airliner penetrating a skyscraper wall ” as a hot knife through butter ” and the excuse for this behavior is given as “the airplane was traveling so very fast”

What we have here is nothing less than the wholesale shutting down of peoples thinking. Never mind what some pundit on TV said, or for that matter the President, what do YOU think?

About that “all men are created equal”  just exactly how does one define “equal”?
(allow me to take a tangent here, Please)
it has been observed that different breeds of dogs exhibit different characteristics.  There are hunting hounds, and herding dogs, and all sorts of different levels of intelligence and temperament, some are good with kids, some not so good.

So is it too much to ask of the reader, to at least consider the idea that humans have a varied range of not only intelligence, but in other factors that basically define who they are.  Given that humans can hold opinions and attitudes that are as much a function of who they are as any education that they may have received, I think it behooves us all to recognize the fact that a random sample of people viewing a specific event will have varying opinions about what they saw.

Everybody knows the story of the blind guys beholding an Elephant, and first-hand experience isn’t perfect, therefore people can deliver in all honesty, very different descriptions of the same event.

My question here is: shouldn’t there be some sort of baseline reality that defines events in such a way as to leave little room for opinions or speculation.  Say if you were a witness to a scene were a plate glass window was penetrated by a baseball, and instead of shattering the glass, the ball made a neat baseball sized hole in the window, would you consider that rather irregular?