What gets explained, and what is expected to be accepted without explanation.

In the 1960’s when the space program was just getting started, there were engineers & scientists who appeared on TV to explain to the masses what “Rocket Science” was all about ( at least the “cliffs notes version” ).  They were reasonably successful, because most citizens accepted the space program as something that we should be doing.

Now fast forward to present day,  we have the events of 9/11/2001 with a lot of questions still unanswered and I have found, when addressing the random citizen about the anomalies of that day,  I am referred to the “experts” who apparently have all the answers, however said answers are far too deep for the random citizen to understand, so we are expected to accept on blind faith anything that the “experts” have to offer.

Small problem here,  there are conflicting stories from different experts and there is a faction that wants to label any of the experts who do not agree with the official narrative “crack pots”.  What is the random citizen to do?  Why is there no explanation tailored to present the information to the random high-school graduate?

This really isn’t “Rocket Science”  its Physical Science 101, and I’d bet that most people in this land could get their heads around the facts if the facts were presented.


9/11 TRUTH for the rest of us.

This is about people seeking truth, there are lots of professional groups that are for people with special credentials, however, what about the random Mr. or Mz. citizen
who seeks truth about 9/11, but has no special degree or specialty to join a BOF group.
I seek to create that BOF group for people who do not fit into the professional associations for 9/11 truth.

Therefore – – – 9/11 TRUTH for the rest of us.

Please feel free to comment. & thanks.

More about 9/11/2001 …

I can appreciate at a new level, the job of the teacher in school,  I realize that everybody sees the world in their own way.   The job of a teacher is to attempt to impart specific understanding of the subject matter, and also encourage independent thought.
This isn’t easy given the differences in people.

I have attempted to explain the facts about 9/11/2001 as I perceive  them, and some people get it, and some people do not.  Considering the fact that this is a matter of not only national security,  but indeed human race security,  it behooves citizens to discuss the matter and define truth such that one can only hope that a majority of citizens embrace the truth.

May I start off with the statement that I know that no airliner ever flown could have done what was alleged to have been done on 9/11/2001 by “airliners”.

This statement will probably put off some readers, I’m sorry, this is the way it is, lots of people see the world differently than everybody else.  That is just the way humans are.
So now it is my task to explain to everybody else, WHY airliners could not possibly have been used as weapons on 9/11/2001.

This is about conservation of momentum.   Any physical object in motion has momentum, and upon contact with a stationary body, that object in motion must give up some of its momentum in the process of moving the previously stationary object or by conversion of that momentum into heat.  If a moving object meets a stationary object and it takes the expression of 100% of its momentum, the previously moving object would have had to express that momentum by coming to a complete stop.

The crash event of the alleged “FLT175” is so controversial, because the debate hinges on the amount of resistance that the WTC tower wall presented to penetration by an airliner ( or for that matter anything ).   If an aircraft were to encounter a paper target, obviously there would be only minuscule deceleration as it penetrated. In the case of the alleged
penetration of a skyscraper wall by “FLT175” there is debate as to any visible slowing down if the alleged airliner, possibly 8% or 9% decrease in speed.  To address the possible resistance to penetration that the wall would have offered, in order to make the hole as seen, there would have to be a displacement of a minimum of 3 tons of mass and in addition the shearing off of no less than 40 bolts and the breaking of the connections between spandrel plates and decks so that said spandrel plates could be shifted.

The resistance to penetration would be significant, this would result in rapid deceleration of the airliner. How many people have been present in an automobile collision, note that everything in the car shifts in the original direction of motion owing to its inertia,  at approx. 60 mph the effect is as observed so many times by people involved in automotive accidents,  picture that same effect, only at 9 times the speed.
So on initial contact with the wall, the airliner would suffer stress from nose to wall contact, and also internal stress, caused by anything ( even bits bolted down ) in the aircraft stressing the body of the airliner from the inside.  There is a max stress limit above witch no aircraft can be expected to keep its structural integrity. It is obvious to me that the stress on the airliner upon striking a wall as alleged for “FLT11” & “FLT175” would cause the catastrophic failure of said airliner and it would break apart before having any opportunity to make that famous wing shaped gash.

The following statement has often been attacked as over-simplified, is as follows:
If there was sufficient time/energy available to bust a hole in the skyscraper wall,
then there was sufficient time/energy available to bust up the airliner and do so before said airliner had any possibility of making that famous wing shaped gash.

The major objection to this that I have received,  is based upon “experts” declaring that an airliner should have been able to make the hole ( & in fact both holes for WTC 1 & 2 ).
However, experts can ( and all too often are ) be wrong.    I call upon citizens to look at the available information, and draw their own conclusions.

About Exploitation

People complain that “smart phones” are being manufactured by a bunch of low-wage virtual slaves in foreign lands.  This is probably a completely valid concern, however worker exploitation has been gong on for centuries, at the dawn of the industrial revolution, coal was extracted from the earth by low-wage workers who did a very dangerous job. Worker exploitation is nothing new, and the big money interests of this world get to abuse other human beings at will.   How will humanity address the issue?
Is it possible to achieve true equality and justice?

….. To Be Continued …..

comments, complaints, ….. what?


Daily Prompt: Cheat

This describes the actions of both the Republicans and Democrats in regards to the process that is supposed to put into office the best qualified individuals to serve WE THE PEOPLE, however its become a contest to see who can best serve BIG MONEY, without regard at all for what the voters want or need.  The system has become a matter of anybody who can CHEAT big enough wins the prize, that is the ability to sell-out the citizens of AMERICA for a few silver coins while also seriously wounding Mother Earth.

Daily Prompt: Mistake

It would be a huge MISTAKE for anyone to vote for either a Democrat or Republican, any vote at all for these known criminal organizations would only encourage the crooks and that is not a good idea.  AMERICA has been making the same mistake over and over for more than a century & a half, its time to correct this mistake, the system is so very broken! How many citizens will step up and make the changes required to correct the on-going mistake?